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2015 Ford Escort

The Ford Escort is the best-selling car in history. Since 1968, when sales start in Europe until 2003, Ford’s worldwide delivered over 20 million Escort before he made his debut as effective focus. This car is also important for the American giant and the fact that it was the first global Ford, which, with certain modifications, sold worldwide. At this year’s Shanghai Auto Show, Ford introduced the audience 2015 Ford Escort concept, which should appear in mass production by 2015 of the world’s largest car market in the world. Ford had a record year in 2012 on the Chinese market with over 600,000 copies sold, but still lags greatly for General Motors and Volkswagen, which exceed the figure of two million. One reason is that the Ford products in China mostly identical to those U.S. giant sold to Europe and America, and are therefore too expensive for the average Chinese. Last year at this market, we have sold about 5.5 million compacts, mostly cheaper models, and Ford says it has listened to customers and will be the best 2015 Ford Escort shopping.

2015 Ford Escort concept

U.S. car manufacturer announced that its new compact have all the features that adorn the Focus as well as functionality, quality and safety measures, but at a significantly lower price because of the data that the production to take place in China. The specific characteristics of Ford’s compact two are similar, and this applies to the LED headlamps and design similar to that of the larger Fusion / Mondeo. On the design side, the 2015 Ford Escort continues Kinetic design school with a big mask done in the style of Aston Martin and it is expected that the production model will be very similar. Information and pictures of the interior so far gone, and there is no doubt that the customer will receive quality materials and high visibility.

2015 Ford Escort release

And no details about the mechanics, but it is speculated that the offer could not find two Eco Boost engine (1.0 L I3 with 123 hp and the 1.5 L I4 with 177 hp) as well as several atmospheric engine. As we mentioned at the beginning of the text, 2015 Ford Escort Exclusively for Chinese customers, but when you consider that is about to debut a new division Volkswagen’s cheaper to compete with Dacia and companies from Eastern Europe and Asia, it will not surprise us if the focus appear in the markets of Europe as a cheaper version of the Focus. As for the Chinese market, we will note that by 2015, Ford plans to introduce 15 new or redesigned model and to double the number of salons to 700.

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